Wednesday, October 19, 2011

World's Famous Boracay Island

If you will visit the Philippines anytime of the year, it is a MUST not to forget visiting the impressive Island of Boracay. Today, this place continue to attract thousands of tourists worldwide and became one of the most visited white sand beach resorts in the world. Just imagine the crystal clear water that most people are enjoying along with its impressive talc sand.

There are several resorts along the shore of Boracay and you may find it hard to decide on where to stay, as majority of the hotels are attractive. Tourists are likewise enjoying the hospitality that the natives here are showing them and welcome them with huge smile on their faces. Almost every year, the people visiting the Island are increasing in number.

At night, people will surely enjoy both affordable and expensive dining places in the 3 km beach front of Boracay. The picture is just a sample on what you expect dining at any of the restaurants here. They serve fresh seafood and grill them to complete a satisfying dinner with your whole family. Tourists are also enjoying the live bands while drinking beers seating on the ground enjoying the relaxing sand of this island.

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